Common Check Engine Light Problems

Common Check Engine Light Problems

When your check engine light illuminates, it doesn't necessarily mean that your engine is about to totally fail. But it's still smart to get to the shop for computerized diagnostics so that the issue can be pinpointed and addressed before it gets worse. At Gab's Auto Repair, our local mechanics are experts at identifying and fixing check engine light problems. Come and see us when your check engine light flashes on.

Why is my check engine light on?

In many cases, a faulty catalytic converter is the reason the check engine light is on. Symptoms of catalytic converter failure include worsening gas mileage, decreasing acceleration, and an odor akin to rotten eggs. A healthy catalytic converter helps to ensure that your vehicle doesn't excessively pollute, so issues with it should be promptly taken care of.

Your check engine light can also come on due to issues with certain sensors. For one, a faulty O2 sensor can cause the light to illuminate. With a bad oxygen sensor, you may notice rough idling and misfiring. A malfunctioning mass airflow sensor can also trigger the light, and may cause engine hesitation during acceleration.

Bad spark plugs can also cause the light to flash on. Generally, cars made in the past twenty years can make it 100,000 miles before needing new plugs, while older automobiles tend to need their plugs replaced with greater frequency. Faulty ignition coils may also trigger the light. Ignition coil trouble can cause worsening acceleration and misfiring.

It might seem bizarre, but there are cases where a loose or missing gas cap is what causes the check engine light to turn on. After filling up, it's important to always tightly secure your gas cap, which will prevent fuel from evaporating before you get the opportunity to run on it.

Also, in some instances a bad battery will cause low voltage at the computer, in turn causing the check engine light to flash on.

Check Engine Light Repair in Phoenix, AZ

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Posted: September 6, 2021

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