What are common reasons that engines won't fire up?

What are common reasons that engines won't fire up?

What are common reasons that engines won't fire up?If your car isn't starting up as easily as it usually does, then you'll want to get to the shop ASAP so the mechanic can take a look. By being proactive, you'll have the best chance to prevent the problem from worsening to the point that your car won't start at all. At Gab's Auto Repair, our local mechanics are highly experienced with engine diagnostics and repair in the greater Phoenix area.

Common Causes of No-Start

Oftentimes, issues with the battery/charging system are to blame when an engine won't start. Car batteries die for a variety of reasons, such as leaving on headlights, parasitic draws, old age, loose/corroded connections, and a failing alternator. Symptoms of a bad alternator include flickering/dimming headlights, as well as malfunctioning interior electrical accessories, such as power seats and the radio.

A faulty starter is another common reason that engines fail to fire up. A common sign of starter trouble is that you turn the key and then get nothing but a clicking noise. A bad starter can also cause a grinding sound.

Engines also often don't start due to fuel-related problems. If you have a clogged-up fuel filter, then your engine may not be able to get a sufficient amount of fuel to fire up. To avoid this problem, it's best to get a new fuel filter about every 25,000 miles. A faulty fuel pump can also cause problems with getting the car to start because fuel won't be able to travel correctly from the tank to the engine. Signs of a fuel pump problems include sputtering, worsening gas mileage, and a whining noise coming from the tank. Dirty fuel injectors can also make it harder to start. To clean injectors, you can try using a fuel additive.

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Posted: April 2022

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What are common reasons that engines won't fire up?